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Roberto Monachello is an outdoor photographer and mountain addicted; his style is inspirated from the greatest outdoor and mountain photographers of the past and present like Vittorio Sella, Galen Rowell, Charlie Waite, Bruce Percy, or Franco Fontana and Alberto Bregani. 

In the Roberto´s pictures, Photoshop is not used; he develops his pictures by a raw converter without "pixel manipulation".


Based in München, Germany.

With the digital we have a lot of new photographic chances and an easier workflow, but after more than 20 years of digital photography we are getting used of pictures with an artificial “look and feel”. Roberto doesn´t refuse the digital, not at all, but his approach is similar at the time of analogue film.


Photoshop or other similar software are only used to remove spot dusts and create borders. Exception for the above points, the entire workflow starts and finishes in the raw converter, where only colors and tones are slightly manipulated, exactly as in a darkroom.

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